How does Nanitor support your CyberSecurity strategy

CyberSecurity Strategy

To enforce an effective CyberSecurity policy, company executives need a crisp and concise view of their cybersecurity landscape. An incomplete view of CyberSecurity issues results in the inability of the executives to adequately support their IT Ops / SecOps teams who are tasked with enforcing your CyberSecurity technical policy and regulatory compliance. Without visibility, your CyberSecurity strategy is at risk.​

Lack of visibility means that you are enforcing a ‘best-effort’ CyberSecurity program, unable to understand the scope of work required, let alone prioritize tasks as the full extent of your CyberSecurity landscape is unknown. With no visibility you have no control of your environment, key business assets are left vulnerable, un-patched and potentially misconfigured.

Nanitor delivers a best-in-class CyberSecurity solution for security conscious businesses. Nanitor provides automatic asset discovery, continuous checking for vulnerabilities, missing security patches and checks your asset security configurations against your CyberSecurity technical policy.

Nanitor provides you with continuous reporting of your regulatory compliance status, enabling you to report against several compliance frameworks at ease, all key compliance frameworks are supporting, including:


Nanitor collects, correlates, and prioritizes all security issues, providing executives and IT / security personnel continuous and focused visibility of CyberSecurity issues in a single platform.

With Nanitor you can manage your CyberSecurity technical policy and track changes and exceptions with ease. Management of CyberSecurity issue and asset criticality is simple and directly impacts CyberSecurity Issue prioritization. Your technical policy may be aligned with compliance requirements and/or adapted to your environment.

To facilitate effective IT Ops / Sec Ops teams Nanitor provides detailed information on CyberSecurity issues, including reason for issue and where possible step-by-step instructions on how to remedy the situation. In some cases, Nanitor provides means to remedy issues directly from the Issue view.​

Nanitor is focused on simple, clear, and concise visibility of issues. In most environments Nanitor will detect numerous CyberSecurity issues. As not all issues are equal in priority, Nanitor utilizes highly effective algorithms that considers asset business criticality, CyberSecurity issue criticality, business technical policy and regulatory compliance requirements.

CyberSecurity issues are automatically prioritized into the following categories:​

Some of the types of CyberSecurity issues that Nanitor collects and assesses are:​

  • Issues with Technical Policy or Misconfigurations Your technical policy is your baseline for security configurations. Continuous monitoring of asset compliance means that you know when settings change and your assets are not compliant with your approved CyberSecurity technical policy. Technical policy is set based on Nanitor provided industry best practices, regulatory compliance requirements and your businesses own technical policy.
  • Known vulnerabilites Nanitor sources vulnerabilities from numerous credible sources and checks your assets against our up-to-date list of global vulnerabilities. Asset operating systems, applications and services are checked continually.
  • Missing security patches Updated assets are important for a healthy security posture, Nanitor prioritizes CyberSecurity issues related to unpatched / unmanaged systems to the top so that IT Ops / Sec Ops may address them in a timely manner.
  • Unauthorized software Your business may ban certain software. With Nanitor you get a central view of what software and versions are in-use and where. You can blacklist vendors, applications, and even specific versions. A Zero-Trust mode can be activated where you whitelist what is allowed.
  • Active and Available Inventory Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of any IT infrastructure is knowing what assets are in use in your environment. With Nanitor you get clear visibility into what assets are managed, which are unmanaged and all the relevant details (operating system, activity, software, issues).

CTO of the Nanitor CyberSecurity solution focused around Vulnerabilities and Security Configurations