Get CyberSecurity of your Oracle databases under control with Nanitor

Oracle databases

Oracle databases like most other things come out of the box with default configuration, for example there are default passwords in place and sample users and databases if you have not be super careful in the installation process. When operating a number of Oracle databases the team faces the following challenges:

  • Lack of visibility of the databases on the network.
  • Hard to remember which versions of oracle each database is running.
  • Hard to remember if the databases are configured differently and in what way.
  • Developers often spin up new up new database instances for testing.

Nanitor solves this problem by connecting to the databases and providing thorough visibility.

CyberSecurity inventory

Minutes after adding this Oracle 12c database into Nanitor we have a thorough inventory and a list of known vulnerabilities. It brings it immediately to our attention and we can prioritise these issues. In most cases the best solution is to upgrade the Oracle cluster if possible, or apply the relevant patches from Oracle.

To help hardening even further Nanitor has a best practice guide to make sure your configuration is hardened. This serves as a remediation cook book on what are the best practices, what are the rationale behind it and the remediation instructions.

It is easy to harden most of these security configurations, but also if there is something not relevant it can be removed from your Nanitor technical policy. Nanitor gives you overview how your entire Oracle estate conforms against recognised best-practice as all our configurations are based on the CIS benchmarks.

Nanitor currently supports Oracle versions from 11c until the latest version. Please contact us at if you want to see how we can help you with getting visibility and control over your Oracle database estate. Please signup on our mailing list at for more announcements.

CTO of the Nanitor CyberSecurity solution focused around Vulnerabilities and Security Configurations

CTO of the Nanitor CyberSecurity solution focused around Vulnerabilities and Security Configurations